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MXPX: Let's Rock

MXPX has been a pop-punk staple since they released their debut Pokinatcha over a decade ago. Since then, they've released seven full-lengths, a live album, a slew of 7-inches and EPs, and the aptly titled career retrospective, Ten Years And Running. Their third LP, Life In General, was named by Alternative Press as one of the top ten punk albums of 1996. Let's Rock is a 12-song CD of unreleased and rare material stretching back to the 2000 Ever Passing Moment recording sessions. Running the gamut from acoustic demos to fully-polished punk-pop anthems, MXPX have crafted a collection of songs sure to please both hardcore fans and newbies alike.


Let it happen party

San Paolo - Brazil

TOUR 2007

2/24/2007 Brisbane, Australia SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL
2/25/2007 Sydney, Australia SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL
3/2/2007 Melbourne, Australia HI FI AFTERNOON UNDER 18 SHOW
3/2/2007 Melbourne, Australia HI FI EVENING 18+ SHOW
3/3/2007 Perth, Australia SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL

MXPX yuri ruley

Hi, My name is Yuri Zane Ruley. It’s a weird one I know. I’m actually named after a childhood friend of my fathers. He was Amish…?… Whatever…My mother picked Zane as my middle name because it sounded good with “Yuri”...yeah…sooo… I was born and raised in the Seattle area but my family moved a lot. I’ve lived in Alabama, Oklahoma, Idaho, and all over Washington. And now for the stuff you probably care about. I started playing drums when I was in ninth grade and my first performance was in the ninth grade talent show with my first band, “The Skinny Little White Boys”. We sucked and we only lasted two months. Thankfully I met a couple of guys named Mike and Andy who were looking for a drummer. They came over to my house, we played some songs together and the rest is as they say, history.